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Abbey Road Investment Views, Jan. 2023

Changing policy in China

• China has surprised by suddenly ditching zero Covid

• This points to near-term disruption but recovery later

• US inflation is starting to come down (Focus p2)

• But the US economy is still running hot

• 2022 Regional Roundup (p3)


China’s abrupt abandonment of its zero Covid policy has important implications for the world economy. Near-term both production and consumer spending will be weak in China for the next few months as a major Covid wave passes through. This could slow world growth and upset international supply chains again, though the effect is likely temporary. The severe

disruption of a year ago is mostly past now. Longer term, if China can learn to live with Covid, it could open the way to a recovery in the economy, though that will also depend on

progress in dealing with property sector weakness.

Download the full Investment Views of the month below.

Abbey Road Investment Views January 2023
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