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Abbey Road Investment Views, Feb. 2022

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

• Market volatility is making investors nervous

• Inflation is key in 2022. See Focus page 2

• China’s slowdown will intensify. See Regions page 3

• US rates up steadily, Euro zone rates to stay low


Two concerns are dominating investors’ minds – the rotation in stock markets with its risks and potential opportunities - and central banks’ responses to inflation. They are of course

linked. Expectations for higher US rates have triggered a rise in bond yields and a US stock market sell-off. Underneath the (so far) modest overall index decline there is a churning to

favour value stocks over growth stocks, especially the more speculative ones with limited or no earnings. The driver of all this is rising real yields, or rather less negative real yields, as

investors react to the tougher Fed stance. But neither bond yields in general nor inflation expectations in particular are signaling any problem with inflation in the long-term. This may

be too sanguine...

Download the full Investment View of the month below.

Abbey Road Investment Views February 2022
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