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 Abbey Road continues to look for great investment opportunities in private markets – real estate, private equity, venture capital, cyrpto and algo-trading to name a few. Here you can find a few examples where we helped our client investing. 


Eat Just

Eat Just, Inc. is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops and markets plant-based alternatives to conventionally produced egg products and cultivated meat products. 


More about Eat Just

Pipe Technologies

Pipe is a Los Angeles, California-based financing platform for SaaS and other recurring revenue companies. Customers are able to swap future revenue for up-front capital, based on Pipe’s proprietary credit rating system. Pipe was recently names to Forbes Fintech 50 list for 2022.

More about Pipe Technologies



Freo is India's first full-stack Neobank that focuses on providing customers with flexible and customised financial products. It brings consumers freedom from non-digital financial services and provide simple, intuitive, and smart ways for people to access credit and manage money with ease on their phones. Today, more than 1 million users use Freo’s products and services in 120+ cities.


More about Freo


Rightfoot is a San Francisco based financial services company that helps break apart the debt crisis for millions of Americans. The company has built complex integrations with loan servicers and developed sleek APIs that enable developers to embed debt payments into application in days. Rightfoot has been named a Cloud 100 Rising Star by Forbes.


More about Rightfoot

new lab.jpg


Newlab is a multi-disciplinary technology centre in NYC that serves as a hardware-focused shared workspace, research lab, and hatchery for socially-oriented tech manufacturing. Current members work in fields such as robotics, connected devices, energy, nanotechnology, life sciences, and urban tech.

More about NewLab

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