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Abbey Road Multi Family Office (MFO) is registered in the Dubai World Trade Centre Zone (DWTCA). The company has the distinct privilege of being the first to be granted a Multi Family Office license by the DWTCA.

A frequently asked question is how are we different? At Abbey Road, we are not focused on being different. Instead, we want to be known for quality and independent advice. We see our primary role is to provide best-in-class portfolio construction and risk management advice. 


Running an open architecture platform which works with any bank or asset manager - we do not have favourites.

Always being open to good ideas, research and analysis from all corners of the world.

Take joy in generating our own ideas and research to complement what we receive from others.

Having developed a proprietary consolidated reporting system that allows us to give value-added inputs on asset allocation, overall position exposure and sizing.

The core mission of the MFO is quality Investment Advice and long-term relationships. Every client is different, and we strive to offer a truly customized approach to fit each client’s requirements when it comes to their savings and investments. This is done via a four-step process:

  • Help define Investment Objectives;

  • Build a Strategy that meets the Investment Objective;

  • Work with existing / introduce new organisations (Private Banks, Asset Managers) to deliver the Strategy;

  • Monitor and also contribute towards the successful execution of each strategy.

The MFO also has strategic alliances with specialists in wealth structuring and tax planning, second citizenships, legal advice, corporate finance and concierge services to help clients whenever such requirements arise.

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