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Beyond the MFO, Abbey Road continues to look for great investment opportunities in private markets – real estate, private equity, venture capital, cyrpto and algo-trading to name a few. We firmly believe that quality alternative investments have an important role to play in investor’s portfolios today.

Abbey Road does its own extensive research on any potential investment, including often meeting with the company management and seeking validation from industry experts. Once a private market investment has been identified, Abbey Road creates a SPV for that particular deal and like a traditional merchant bank, the firm is also the cornerstone investor in each deal using its own proprietary capital.


Eat Just

the world’s pre-eminent vegan eggs company


A leading US Fintech ushering in a whole new financial asset class


A leading Neo Bank in India

New Labs Inc.

A leading Tech hub and incubator based in Brooklyn New York

We want to create long term relationships with our investee companies and investors. Having ‘skin in the game’ on each private deal is a good way to show our commitment to a long-term relationship. We are keen to be the opposite of a broker. We strive to be advisors and partners with our clients.

Abbey Road is also able to provide investment analysis expertise on one-off large investment deals done by clients. Our independent viewpoint is frequently able to identify possible drawbacks, bottlenecks and even unrealized positive aspects of an investment transaction.

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